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Agrippina, maiden martyr at Rome (7 items)

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June 23 (7 items)
882 saint [S] (мц)ѫ грьпины· [missing initial а]
Baron saint [S] Item Romae sanctae Agrippinae virginis et martyris sub Valeriano Imperatore cuius corpus in Siciliam translato multis miraculis coruscat.
DC2 saint [S] стьіѫ мцѫ агрипиньі·
Ekl saint [S] Ἀγριππίνης -
JT saint [S] Τῆς ἁγίας μάρτυρος Ἀγριππίνης.
KarpEv saint [S] Ст꙯ѣи мнци агрипиньі 
P saint [S] τῆς ἁγίας Ἀγριππίνης