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Annunciation to the Virgin Mary (25 items)

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March 25 (25 items)
501 event [E] блговѣщениѥ [S] прѣстыиѥ влчице наше бце·
882 event [E] блговѣщениѥ [S] прчтѣи бци.
Arx event [E] блговѣщениѥ [S] стѣи бци·
As event [E] Благовѣщение [S] стѣи бці марии 
B event [E] Блговѣщение [S] ст꙯ѧѫ бцѫ мриѫ·
Baron event [E] Annuntiatio [S] beatissimae virginis genitricis Dei Mariae.
Bas event [E] Ὁ εύαγγελισμὸς [S] τῆς ὑπεραγίας Θεοτόκου.
C event [E] блговѣщениѥ [S] ст꙯иѧ бцѧ мариѧ· [extraneous titlo]
DC2 event [E] [illegible header] [S]
Ekl event [E] Ὁ εύαγγελισμὸς.
F72 event [E] БЛГ꙯ОВЕЩЕНИЕ· [S] СТѪ̛ БЦѦ
H event [E] ἐν τῇ ἁγιωτάτῃ Μεγάλῃ Ἐκκλησίᾳ [...] [E] [H does not state the name of the feast day until well into the liturgical instructions.] [S]
JT event [E] Ὁ Εύαγγελισμὸς [S] τῆς ὑπεραγίας Δεσποίνης ἠμῶν Θεοτόκου Μαρίας.
KarpAp event [E] Ст꙯го благовѣщениа [S] [no text here]
KarpEv event [E] Блговѣщение [S] бци прѣстѣи:·
Neap event [E] Annuntiatio [S] Dni Ihu.
Oh event [E] Блговѣщенѥ [S] стѣи марии·
Os event [E] благовѣщение [S] ст꙯ѣи бц꙯и 
P event [E] [E] Ὁ εὐαγγελισμὸς [S] τῆς παναχράτου ὑπερευλογημένης Δεσποίνης ἡμῶν Θεοτόκου καὶ ἀειπαρθένου Μαρίας ἐν τοῖς Χαλκοπρατείοις. Περὶ ὥραν τρίτην ἐν τῇ ἁγίᾳ μεγάλῃ ἐκκλησιᾳ συντρέχομεν καὶ οὕτω λιτανεύοντες ἀπερχόμεθα ἐν τῷ φόρῳ, ἐκεῖσε τὰς συνήθεις ποιοῦμεν εὐχὰς καὶ μετὰ τῆς αὐτῆς λιτῆς ἀπερχόμεθα ἐν τοὶς Χαλκκοπρατείοις. [...]
S event [E] [S] [entry is missing, but lection (Lu 1: 24-38) is for the Annunciation]
ST event [E] блговѣщениѥ [S] прѣстꙑꙗ бцѧ ·
Slep event [E] [S]
Suprl event [E] [header is lost] [S]
Xlud.31 event [E] Блговѣщениѥ̇ [S] стыѩ̇ бцѫ·
ZT event [E] бл꙯говѣщенїе̇ [S] ст꙯ѫѫ̇ бц꙯ѫ·