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Apodosis of Epiphany (13 items)

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January 8 (1 item)
KarpEv event [E] по праꙁденьствии· боꙗвлениꙗ:
January 9 (1 item)
KarpEv event [E] попраꙁденьство· боꙗ̇влениа·
January 10 (1 item)
KarpEv event [E] попраꙁество· боꙗ̇вениа·:·
January 11 (1 item)
KarpEv event [E] попраꙁенств боꙗ̈вениа·
January 12 (1 item)
KarpEv event [E] попраꙁденсво боꙗвениа· [no titlo]
January 13 (7 items)
Baron event [E] Octava [E] Epiphaniae Domini.
F72 event [E] ѡдаваемь [for ѿдаваемь] праꙁни·
KarpEv event [E] попраꙁденство боꙗвениа:
ST event [E] проважѧѥтѧ праꙁдьни · просвѣщениꙗ ·
Slep event [E] по праꙁдъницѣ бгоѣвениѣ :
Xlud.31 event [E] тьдаѥ пра
ZT event [E] ѿдам [superscript back jer] праꙁни 
January 14 (1 item)
JT event [E] ἀποδίδεται ἡ ἐορτῆ.