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Aquilina the Younger and Rufinus the Miracle Worker, martyrs at Sinope (2 items)

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April 7 (2 items)
F72 saintSet [SS] [S] ст꙯ыѧ мцѧ ликиѫ [for акилины, probably; also ZT кіликіѫ̇.] и̛ [S] роуфима [for роуфина; also ZT роу̇вима] диꙗкона·|
ZT saintSet [SS] ст꙯хъ мкъ [S] кїликїѫ̇· [for акилина; also F72 ликиѫ] и [S] роу̇вима [for роуфина; also F72 роуфима] дїакона· сн꙯ь [Nom. for Gen. сна; this portion of the text appears to be the start of Rufinus's vita] ѳеѡ̇кли ·