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Beginning of New Indiction (19 items)

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September 1 (19 items)
1295 event [E]
882 event [E] начѫтькь енди.|
Arx event [E] начатъкъ· индиктꙋ·
As event [E] начѧто инд|ктоу
Bas event [E] Ἀρχὴ τῆς ʼΙνδίκτου.
DC2 event [E] начѧтокь н§диикт
Ekl event [E] Ἀρχὴ τῆς Ἰνδίκτου -
En event [E] Начѧтъкъ индиктиѡн· [Graecism: индиктиѡн for индикт]
H event [E] τῆς Ἰνδίκτου γίνεται oὕτως.
JT event [E] Ἀρχὴ τῆς ἰνδίκτου,
KarpEv event [E] [this entry is positioned immediately preceding 1 Sept] НАЧѦТОКЬ ЕНКТОҮ
Oh event [E] начѫтокъ [superfluous titlo] еникоу
Os event [E] начѧтъкъ· инъдиктоу 
S event [E] начтъкъ е[ньдикт]
ST event [E] начѧтъ· индикта·
Slep event [E] начѧтъкъ ендиктоу 
Strum event [E] начѧткь ендикт
Xlud.31 event [E] НАТо · ѤН(ДИК)Т РЕКШꙴ´
ZT event [E] [second mention, not recorded by Sreznevskij; fol. 35r] начѧтокь индїктꙋ · ре[чено] ново лѣто  въ ·а꙯·