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Carpus, Papylas/Paul, and companions (Agathonice and Agathodorus/Trophimus), martyrs at Pergamum (1 item)

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October 13 (1 item)
As saintSet [SS] [As and Os have both Papylus and a Paul] стх [no final jer] мк: [no final jer] [S] папоула [S] распа [for карпа, probably] · [S] анавла· [also Os, likely for павла; like Os, As has both Papylus/Paul and a companion Paul. Likely in the prehistories of both As and Os, the listing was originally for Carpus and Paul (i.e., Papylus), and later Papylus was added after Carpus, while Paul was retained] и [SS] дроужинъи и 