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Christodulus, martyr (6 items)

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December 4 (6 items)
1295 saintSet [SS] [S] [S]
882 saint [S] [probably this Christodulus this date, as in Oh] хрисодоноу. [for христодоулоу]
H saint [S] [a second entry on this date? Cf. P, which has Christodula instead. Or perhaps here Christodulus, abbot at Patmos, who was not a martyr?] τοῦ ἁγίου μάρτυρος Χριστοδούλου.
H saintSet [SS] τῶν ἁγίων μαρτύρων [S] Χριστοδούλου καὶ [S] Μυρόπου, [sic, for fem. Myrope]
Oh saintSet [SS] [S] миропии· и [S] стмоу· кртлю· ['the Baptist', sic, probably for хрлю' Christodulus'; cf. Spasskij's (1901 vol. II p. 375) unlikely suggestion that this is Crescens, Christian, or Christina]
P saintSet [SS] [S] Χριστοδούλης [cf. H Χριστοδούλου] καὶ [S] Μυρόπης,