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Commemoration of St. Euphemia at her church near the Neorion Harbor, next to the Church of the Holy Might (3 items)

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May 16 (3 items)
F72 event [E] [see Janin 1969: 101.] [S] мцѧ ефимиѫ·
H event [E] [see Janin 1969: 101.] μνήμη [S] τῆϛ ἁγίαϛ μάρτυροϛ Εὐφημίαϛ πλησίον τοῦ Νεωρίου λιμένοϛ εἰϛ τῆν ἁγίαν Δύναμιν.
ZT event [E] [S] мнцѫ ѥ̇фимиѫ̇·