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Dedication of the Chapel of the Virgin Mary in the Church of St. Anne at Constantinople (10 items)

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September 5 (1 item)
1295 event [E] [S] [S] . [Cf. CT 6 Sept]
September 6 (9 items)
1295 event [E] [S] [S]
882 event [E] сщниѥ [S] бци вь храмѣ [S] стыѭ анны.
B event [E] сщниѥ [S] стѧѫ бц꙯ѫ· вь храмѣ [S] стьіѫ анньі·
C event [E] сщение [S] стиѧ бцѧ· вь храмѣ [S] стиѧ анны
DC2 event [E] сщение [S] стѫ бцѫ
H event [E] τὰ ἐγκαίνια [S] τῆς ἁγίας Θεοτόκου ἐν τῷ οἴκῳ [S] τῆς ἁγίας Ἄννης ει̕ς τὸ Δεύτερον. [i.e., the second section of Constantinople, between the Constantine and Theodosius walls. Mateos 1962: 17, citing Janin, Const. Byz., 314.]
S event [E] сщ꙯ение [S] бц꙯и
Slep event [E] сщение [no titlo] [S] стъіѫ бцѧ  въ храмѣ стъіѫ анънъі·
Strum event [E] сщение [S] бцѧ вь храмѣ и [sic] [S] стѧ ан :