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Deposition of the Head of John the Baptist (5 items)

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October 27 (5 items)
882 event [E] прѣложениѥ чтныѭ главы. [S] і̇ѡа кртлѣ.
F72 event [E] Прѣложение̇ глави [S] іѡ̇на кртлѣ
KarpAp event [E] прѣложениѥ ченыѧ главӹ [S] іѡа кртлѣ·
Xlud.31 event [E] прѣложениѥ чьныѩ̛ глвы [S] іѡа кртл·|
ZT event [E] Прѣложени главѣ [S] іѡна кртлѣ·