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Discovery of the Holy Cross (12 items)

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March 6 (2 items)
H event [E] ἡ εὕρεσις τοῦ τιμίου Σταυροῦ.
P event [E] ἡ εὕρεσις τοῦ τιμίου σταυροῦ,
April 21 (7 items)
882 event [E] брѣтение дроуое крта ченаго.
B event [E] брѣтение чтномоу кртоу гн꙯ю·
DC2 event [E] [_]брѣтение крта хва,
F72 event [E] Ѡбрѣтение кртоу хвоу:
KarpAp event [E] Ѻбрѣтение крта хва·
Xlud.31 event [E] Ѡ̈брѣтение крта хва·
ZT event [E] ѻбрѣтение̇ кртоу хвоу·
May 3 (3 items)
Baron event [E] Hierosolymis Inventio sacrosanctae Crucis Dominicae, sub Constantino Imperatore.
Neap event [E] [early Latin entry; MHier.] Inventio s. crucis.
ZT event [E] [early Latin entry; MHier.] ѡбрѣтенїе̇ чтнаго крта·