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Discovery/Translation of Relics of Cyrus and John, martyrs in Egypt (9 items)

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June 28 (9 items)
501 event [E] прѣнесениѥ мощем· [SS] [saints' names inadvertently omitted]
882 event [E] брѣтениѥ мощемь [SS] стою мкꙋ [S] кира [S] иѡа.
B event [E] Ѻбрѣтение мощи [SS] [S] кирь [also Cur кьірь; for gen. кыра] [S] іѡ·
C event [E] бретениѥ мощемь· [SS] [S] кьірь [also Ban кирь; for gen. кыра] [S] иѡа·
DC2 event [E] [SS] стою кӱра и іѡа· [S] кирь [S] иѡа прѣнение мощемь
F72 event [E] б(р)тение̇ мощемь [SS] [S] ст꙯го кури [S] іѡна·
KarpAp event [E] Ѻб(рѣ)тение мощемь [SS] [S] кирь [for кира] [S] иѡа·
Xlud.31 event [E] Ѡбрѣтениѥ моще [SS] [S] кирь [for кира] [S] иѡа·
ZT event [E] ѻбрѣтение мощемъ [SS] [S] стго кира [S] иѡа·