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Dometius, martyr, identity uncertain (3 items)

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October 4 (1 item)
H saint [S] [perhaps a duplicate entry for Dometius the Illustrious] Δομετίου,
October 29 (1 item)
Oh event [E] Ст(ъи)хъ мкъ· и аплъ· [SS] [S] петра и [S] павла· и [S] крстлѣ иѡана· [S] стефана· [S] варнавоу· [S] [probably; see Xristova-Šomova 2012: 240] иѡсифоу· и [SS] [S] трофима· и [S] дороѳема· [probably a garbling of доромедонѳа 'Doromedon'; note also ZT conflation дороменѳа] [S] [also 1295] домента [perhaps a further garbling of Dorymedon?] и̛ [SS] и̉нѣхъ·
October 30 (1 item)
1295 saint [S]