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Eleutherius, martyr, identity uncertain (4 items)

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April 1 (4 items)
882 saint [S] [with Oh, ZT-F72, and Dečani Monastery Gospel; Spasskij 1901 vol. II: 94 queries whether this is Eleutherius the Persian, usual date 13 Apr; see also Xristova-Šomova 2012: 612] стго мка ѥле(фт)ериа.
F72 saint [S] мка елевѳериꙗ̈·
Oh saint [S] [Spasskij 1901 vol. II, p. 94 suggests Eleutherius the Persian, usually 13 Apr] стра стмоу м(ку)· елевѳерию·
ZT saint [S] мка е̇левѳеріа̇·