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Emperor Theodosius II 'the New' (4 items)

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July 31 (4 items)
B saint [S] [probably] ѳеѡтиа [also Cur probably for ѳеѡсиа] цр꙯ѣ·
F72 saint [S] памѧ ѳеѡсиꙗ̇ цр꙯ѣ вьноука ѳеѡсию· великом цр꙯ю
Os saint [S] па· ѳеодосиꙗ цр꙯ꙗ·
ZT saint [S] памѧ ѳеѡсиꙗ̈ цр꙯ѣ вноукъ ѳеѡсию [cf. Sreznevskij's erroneous rendition Ѳеѡсиѫ] великомоу црю·