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Epiphanius, Archbishop of Salamis (Constantia) at Cyprus (8 items)

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May 12 (7 items)
Baron saint [S] Salaminae in Cypro sancti Epiphanii episcopi, qui multiplici eruditione, et sacrarum litterarum scientia excellens, vitae quoque sanctitate, zelo catholicae fidei, munificentia in pauperes, et virtute miraculorum extitit admirandus.
F72 saint [S] Памѧ ст꙯го ѡ̇ц꙯а нш꙯его епифана париарха цр꙯ѣ гра· [lexicon: with ZT, цр꙯ѣ гра for usual константина гра; also with ZT, Constantinople (sic) for константиѧ Constantia.]
Neap saint [S] NT. S. Epiphanii epi.
S saint [S] епифана
Slep saint [S] [probably] [_____]ка кꙋпръск[__]
ZT saint [S] [first of two entries for Epiphanius this date] ста ѡ̛ца ншго ̇пифана· патріарха цр꙯ѣ гра:- [lexicon: with F72, цр꙯ѣ гра for usual костандина гра; also with F72, Constantinople (sic) for Constantia константиѫ, an anticipation of the following entry. Second reference to Epiphanius is correct ]
ZT saint [S] [second of two entries for Epiphanius this date] памѧ стго ѡц꙯а нашего· пифаниꙗ̛· архиппа кіпрьскао·
July 14 (1 item)
H event [E] μνήμη [S] τοῦ ἐν ἁγίοιϛ πατρὸϛ ἡμῶν Ἐπιφανίου ἐπισκόπου γεγονότοϛ Κωνσταντείαϛ τῆϛ Κύπρου. Τελεῖται δὲ ἡ αὐτοῦ σύναξιϛ ἐν τῷ Στρατηγίῳ, πλησίον τοῦ ἁγίου μάρτυροϛ Φιλήμονοϛ.