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First and Fourth Ecumenical Councils (2 items)

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July 11 (2 items)
882 event [E] [for the first Sunday following 11 July (cf. H the Sunday after 16 July; the First Ecumenical Council was not held at Chalcedon, however, as stated here; for details, see Xristova-Šomova 2012: 795-96.] ꙁборъ стыхь .х꙯. и .л꙯. сьбравших сѧ вь халкидонѣ. прваго и .д꙯.го ꙁбора·
ST event [E] [for the first Sunday following 11 July in Sin. 330; Sin. 333 and later margin note to Sin. 330 state that if 17 July falls on a Wednesday, the Council is marked on the preceding Sunday, and if 17 July falls on a Thursday, it is marked on the following Sunday; see also 882;, cf. CT1 the Sunday after 16 Jul)] въ халкидонѣ бꙑвъѫаго събора стꙑми оци