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Forefeast of Christmas (14 items)

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December 19 (3 items)
882 event [E] прѣпра рожва ха.
DC2 event [E] прѣпраꙁенство рожства хва·
ZT event [E] [this entry omitted in Sreznevskij's rendition] прѣпраꙁднва рождьства хва:-
December 20 (2 items)
ST event [E] прѣпраꙁдьнь · хва рожт ·
ZT event [E] прѣпра· роства хва·
December 21 (1 item)
ZT event [E] [this entry is omitted from Sreznevskij's transcription] прѣпраꙁеньство рожства хва:—
December 22 (2 items)
F72 event [E] [this entry is omitted in Sreznevskij's transcription] Прѣпраꙁникомь· дне·
ZT event [E] [this entry is omitted in Sreznevskij's transcription] прѣпра· рожсва їсхва·
December 23 (3 items)
882 event [E] п(р)праꙁн рожва хва.
F72 event [E] прѣпраꙁньст:
ZT event [E] прѣпраство рождва хва:-
December 24 (3 items)
501 event [E] прѣпраꙁьтво рожь| хва·
F72 event [E] прѣпраꙁньствоу:
ZT event [E] прѣпраꙁденьство рѡждтва хва: