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Forefeast of Presentation of Jesus to Simeon the Just at the Temple (7 items)

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February 1 (7 items)
501 event [E] Прѣпра срѣтениꙗ·
882 event [E] прѣпра. брѣтению га нашего ісха.
F72 event [E] прѣдьпраꙁенство срѣтениꙗ хва·
JT event [E] προεόρτια τῆς ὑπαπαντῆς.
KarpAp event [E] п(рѣ)пьпраденьсТво [for п(рѣ)праденьсТво] ипопан(ти)ю· [lexicon: Graecism]
ST event [E] прѣпраꙁдьньство · сърѣтениѥ га нашего іс хса· и [S] памѧ стго великаго мка труфона·
ZT event [E] прѣправо с(р)тениꙗ̇ хба:-