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Forefeast of the Entry of the Virgin Mary into the Temple (7 items)

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November 20 (7 items)
882 event [E] прѣпра. [E] вьнению вь црквь [S] стыѭ бцѫ.
DC2 event [E] прѣпраꙁенство [E] [S] бци·
F72 event [E] прѣпраꙁенство· [S] стиѧ бцѧ·
JT event [E] Προεόρτια τὴϖ ἐν τῷ ναῷ εἰσόδου [S] τῆϛ ἁγίαϛ Θεοτόκου
KarpAp event [E] п(рѣ)дьпраꙁенство [S] бци внесению·
ST event [E] праꙁдьноующе прѣдъпраздьньство вънесениѥ [S] стꙑꙗ бцѧ·
ZT event [E] прѣдъпраꙁденьство [S] ст꙯ьіѫ̇ бцѫ:-