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Heraclius, martyr at Athens (8 items)

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May 15 (4 items)
Bas saintSet [SS] ἄθλησις [S] τοῦ ἁγίου μάρτυρος Ἡρακλείου καὶ [SS] τῶν σὺν αὐτῷ.
H saintSet [SS] ἄθλησιϛ τῶν ἁγίων μαρτύρων [S] Ἡρακλείου, [S] Παυλίνου καὶ [S] Βενεδήμου,
P saintSet [SS] τῶν ἁγίων μαρτύρων [S] Ἡρακλείου, [S] Παυλίνου καὶ [S] Βενεδίμου ἐν Ἀθήναις μαρτυρήσαντες. Οὗτοι προσήχθησαν τῷ ἄρχοντι καὶ μετὰ πολλὰς αἰκίας μὴ πεισθέντες πυρὶ παραδίδονται.
ZT saintSet [SS] стра ст꙯хъ мкъ· [S] и̇раклиѡ̇на· [ ираклиꙗ; word-final а has been emended to ъ, apparently by a later scribe, to correspond to (incorrect) Nom. Sg. in the next subentry.] [S] павлин· и̇ [S] вендінъ· [for Gen венедима]
May 21 (4 items)
B saint [S] ераклиа·
C saint [S] ѥраклиꙗ·
Ekl saint [S] Ἡρακλείου,
P saint [S] τοῦ ἁγίου Ἡρακλείου.