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Marcellus, Bishop of Sicily, martyr (11 items)

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February 6 (7 items)
882 saint [S] [probably; see Spasskij 1901 vol. 2, p. 36] стго ѡца маркела·
DC2 saint [S] стго ѡц꙯а маркела ꙁмурска· [probably a coflation with Bucolus, Bishop of Smyrna, also this date (see KarpEv)]
F72 saint [S] стго ѻца нш꙯его· маркела· [probably; see Spasskij]
KarpAp saint [S] Стрт [no final jer] стго мченика маркела·
Oh saint [S] стмоу· ѡц꙯ю нашемоу· маркелоу· [also 882, ZT, Xlud. 28; also 9 Feb in Oh]
Xlud.31 saint [S] Стрть стго мка маркела·
ZT saint [S] [probably; see Spasskij.] ѡц꙯а м(ар)кела·
February 9 (4 items)
1295 saint [S]
Bas saint [S] Μαρκιανοῦ [apparently for Marcellus] ἐπισκόπου Σικελίας,
H saint [S] τοῦ ὁσίου Μαρκέλλου,
Oh saint [S] [also 6 Feb in Oh] прпономоу· маркелоу [the second word is in superscript above the first]