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Marcianus, Bishop of Syracuse, martyr (11 items)

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October 30 (7 items)
1295 saint [S]
B saint [S] Ст꙯го мка маркиꙗна· архїѥпкпа
C saint [S] [with CT P] ст꙯го мнка маркьіна· архиеппа·
Ekl saint [S] Μαρκιανοῦ
F72 saint [S] ст꙯го маркиꙗна
P saint [S] τοῦ ἁγίου Μαρλοαμπῦ, ἐπισκόπου Συρακούσης τῆς Σικελίας,
ZT saint [S] стго маркиана·
October 31 (3 items)
DC2 saint [S] Ст꙯го маркиана епкпа,
JT saint [S] τοῦ ἁγίου Μαρκιανοῦ
KarpEv saint [S] Ст꙯аго маркиꙗна еппа: сиракꙋска:·
June 14 (1 item)
Baron saint [S] Syracusis sancti Marciani episcopi, qui a beato Petro ordinatus episcopus, post Evangelii praedicationem a Judaeis occisus est.