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Maximianus, Proculus, Alexander, Anatolius, and Gennadius, Patriarchs of Constantinople (3 items)

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November 20 (3 items)
B saintSet [SS] Памѧ ц꙯е [for ц꙯емь] ншимь· архиепкоупомь· [S] маꙁимꙋ [S] алеꙁаньдроу. [orthography: ꙁ for ѯ or кс] [S] проклоу· [S] анатолѣ· [S] агенадѣ· [ also Cur агенадиѣ, for агенадѣ]
C saintSet [SS] памѧ ѡцемь ншимь· [S] архиѥппоу максимоу [S] алекьсѧдроу· [orthography: ѧ for Gr. sequence αν] [S] проклоу [S] анатолѣ· [S] агенадиѣ· [ for генадиꙗ; also B агенадѣ]
Ekl saintSet [SS] [Ekl does not list Alexander or Anatolius] τῶν ἁγγ. πατριαρχ. [S] Μαξιμιανοῦ, [S] Πρόκλου, καὶ [S] Γενναδίου.