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Onesimus the Ascete (4 items)

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February 13 (4 items)
F72 saint [S] [based on the catalogue description in Bubnov et al. (1976); one of the listings on the 8 separate folios at Russian BAN]
KarpAp saint [S] [likely, as in Xlud31] стго иѡасима [likely for ѡнисима 'Onesimus'] пчьсТьника
Xlud.31 saint [S] Ст꙯го ѡ̇носима [for ѡ̇нисима] поченика· [cf. Xristova-Šomova 2012 апоченика]
ZT saint [S] [perhaps for Paphnutius, hermit, martyr in Egypt, as in Oh this date?] па ѡ̇ца ншего ѡнисима постника·