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Pansemne, Penitent of Antioch (5 items)

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June 10 (5 items)
B saint [S] пасемиѧ
Ekl saint [S] Πανσέμνης.
H saintSet [SS] τὼν ἁγίων [S] Θεοφάνουϛ καὶ [S] [Πανσέμνηϛ] [H originally had masculinized Πανσέμνου; Mateos 1962: 310.] [...].
P saintSet [SS] τὼν ἁγίων [S] Θεοφάνουϛ καὶ [S] Πανσέμνηϛ ἐξ Ἀντιοχείων τῆς πόλεως ἐξ ἑλλήνων φὺς γονέων
ZT saintSet [SS] [S] мнїцѫ ѳеѡфаны· [sic, Theophanes is male and not a martyr; F72 omits this entry] и [S] панемиѫ