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Philemon, martyr at Antinoe in Egypt (11 items)

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December 14 (10 items)
882 saintSet [SS] [S] стго фирса и̇ [S] селевкиѭ· ['Seleucius', for левкиѭ 'Leucius'] и̇ [S] филимона· и̇ [S] калиника·
Arx saintSet [SS] стхь· мчнкъ· [S] фулимона· и [S] аполона·
As saintSet [SS] стоую мк꙯оу [S] филимона и [S] аплона 
Bas saintSet [SS] Ἄθλησις τῶν ἁγίων μαρτύρων [S] Φιλήμονος, [S] Ἀπολλωνίου, καὶ [SS] τῆς συνοδίας αὐτῶν.
C saint [S] филимоноу
Ekl saintSet [SS] Τῶν ἁγγ. μμρ. [S] Θύρσου, [S] Λευκίου, [S] Φιλήμονος, καὶ [S] Ἀπολλονίου.
H saintSet [SS] [H inserts Hypatius into this saintset; cf. P, which has him as a separate entry for this date] ἄθλησις τῶν ἁγίων μαρτύρων [S] Φιλήμονος, [S] Ἀπολλωνίου, [S] [probably; usual date 14 Nov. Note parallel misplacement of text in P, which has Hypatius as a separate entry, but includes part of the formula for the synaxis of Thyrsus et al. immediately above it] Ὑπάτου καὶ [SS] τῆς συνοδίας αὐτῶν [...].
Oh saintSet [SS] Ст꙯(ъӥ)хъ· мкъ· [S] ѳерса· [S] левгии· [S] ф|лимона· [sic, for филимона 'Philemon'] [S] аполона
Os saintSet [SS] Стра стꙑхъ мкъ· [S] тоурса· [S] левкиꙗ· и [S] калиника· [S] филимона· и [S] аполлониꙗ· и [SS] дроужинѣ ѥю·
P saintSet [SS] τῶν ἁγίων μαρτύρων [S] Φιλήμονος καὶ [S] Ἀπολλωνίου καὶ [SS] τῶν μετ᾽ αὐτῶν πλησίων τῶν ἑλλενιανῶν, [this misplaced textual fragment is the location of the synaxis for Thyrsus, Leucius, and Callinicus above; see H. The source of confusion in adopting the H version likely was the toponym Apollonia in their entry, which precedes this one, vs. the personal name Apollonius in this entry.]
March 8 (1 item)
Baron saintSet [SS] Apud Antinoum Aegypti urbem natalis sanctorum martyrum [S] Philemonis, et [S] Apollonii diaconi, qui tenti, et ad iudicem adducti, cum constanter idolis sacrificare renuissent, perforatis calcaneis per civitatem horribiliter tracti, novissime gladio caesi martyrium compleverunt.