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Pope Damasus of Rome, Confessor (3 items)

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December 10 (2 items)
882 saint [S] [also MHier and Oh this date; cf. Baron 11 Dec; 882 and Oh are behind one day for this entry; 882 is also behind a day for the commemoration of Stephen, Protomartyr] дамасоу.
Oh saint [S] [likely; also MHier and 882 this date] дамианоу ['Damian', likely for дамасоу 'Damascus'; note also 882 дамасоу]
December 11 (1 item)
Baron saint [S] ROmae S. Damasi Papae et confessoris, qui Apollinarem haeresiarcham damnauit, et Petrum Episcopum Alexandrinum fugatum restituit: multa etiam sanctorum Martyrum corpora inuenit, eorumque memorias versibus exornauit.