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Procession of the Holy Cross (7 items)

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July 31 (6 items)
882 event [E] поклонение [also Os, Cur, Ban, ZT-F72; usual date 1 Aug] чтномоу д(рѣ)воу.
B event [E] [or the forefeast, usually this date] Вь поклонение [with Os, Cur, ZT, 882] честнаго дрѣва
C event [E] [or the forefeast, usually this date] поклонение [with Os, ZT, 882, Ban] честнаго дрѣва·
F72 event [E] поклонение кртоу хвоу· на немже распꙛт сꙛ·
Os event [E] [also As, CB, ZT-F72, 882; the Church of the Virgin Mary in Blachernai, also this date, is the repository of the Holy Cross] поклонение чьстьноу· дрѣ·
ZT event [E] поклонение кртоу хвоу· на немьже распѧт сѧ 
August 1 (1 item)
P event [E] ἡ βάπτισιϛ τῶν τιμίων ξύλων.