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Romulus, martyr at Melitene in Armenia (7 items)

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September 4 (2 items)
En saint [S] [perhaps? Spasskij 1901, vol. II: 271 suggests this is not Romanus but Romulus, usually 6 Sept but 4 Sept in Russian prologues Lavr. and 239; ] роман
Os saint [S] [likely, as in Lavr. and 239 this date, usually 6 Sept; see Spasskij 1901 vol. II.] ст꙯оумоу романоу· ['Romanus, likely for ромл 'Romulus']
September 5 (1 item)
Baron saint [S] Eodem die sancti Romuli, aulae Traiani praefecti, qui cùm saeuitiam Imperatoris in Christianos detestaretur, caesis virgis, capite truncatus est.
September 6 (4 items)
1295 saintSet [SS] [S] [S] [S] [S] [SS]
Bas saintSet [SS] Ἄθλησις τῶν ἁγίων μαρτύρων [S] Εὐδοξίου, [S] Ῥωμύλου, καὶ [SS] τῆς συνοδίας αὐτῶν.
H event [E] [SS] μνήμη τῆς ἀθλήσεως τῶν ἁγίων μαρτύρων [S] Εὐδοξίου, [S] Ῥωμύλου πραιποσίτου, [S] Ζήνωνος καὶ [S] Μακαρίου [...]. Τελεῖται δὲ ἡ αὐτῶν σύναξις ἐν τῷ μαρτυρίῳ τοῦ ἁγίου Προκοπίου ἔνδον τοῦ ἁγίου μάρτυρος Μηνᾶ.
P saintSet [SS] Ἄθλησις [S] τοῦ ἁγίου μάρτυρος Εὐδοξίου, [S] Ῥωμύλου πρεποσίτου, [S] Ζήνωνος καὶ [S] Μακαρίου ἐπὶ Τραϊανοῦ βασιλέως,