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Synaxis of Apostles Peter and Paul, Stephen, Protomartyr, and Apostle James the Greater, in the Deaconess Quarter (3 items)

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November 19 (3 items)
F72 event [E] Памѧ· [SS] ст꙯и апль [S] пеа и̇ [S] павла· и̛ [S] стефа · [S] и̇ꙗкова [or и ꙗкова] бра гнѣ·
H event [E] μνήμη [SS] τῶν ἁγίων ἀποστόλων [S] Πέτρου, [S] Παύλου, [S] Στεφάνου, καὶ [S] Ἰακώβου ἀδελφοῦ τοῦ Κυρίου. Τελεῖται δὲ ἡ τοιαύτη σύναξις ἐν τοῖς Διακονίσσης,
ZT event [E] памѧ [SS] стхъ аплъ· [S] петра и̇ [S] п(ау)ла· и̇ [S] стефана· и̇ [S] и̇акѡва бра гнѣ·