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The Machabees/Maccabees, martyrs (Eleazar, mother Solomina and children) (9 items)

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August 1 (9 items)
501 saintSet [SS] Ст꙯их макавеи·
B saintSet [SS] Ст꙯ьі [for сты] макавеи
C saintSet [SS] Ст꙯ихь макавеи·
F72 saintSet [SS] стыхь макавеи· [SS] ·ꙁ꙯· ѡ̇трокь и̇ [S] елиаꙁара оучителѣ и̇хь· и̇ [S] соломониѫ [also ZT соломѡнїды, for соломинꙑ·] мт꙯ерь [for Gen Sg мт꙯ере] и̇хь·
JT saintSet [SS] [SS] Τω̃ν ἁγίων ζ´μαρτύρων Μακκαβαίων, [S] τῆϛ μητρὸϛ καὶ [S] τοῦ διδασκάλου αὐτῶν.
Neap saintSet [SS] PAS. Maccab. et [S] [probably] sce. Eeli.
Oh saintSet [SS] С(т꙯ъӥ)хъ ма[_____] црвахъ·
ST saintSet [SS] памѧ · стхъ макавеи ·
Strum saintSet [SS] стх [no final jer, Blaxova and Xauptova 1990: 330] макавеи : [S] криѧ [for гриѧ] и [S] само и [S] авива : и [S] елиазара иериѣ : [SS] з ѿрокь [also 882; apparently saintset Machabee children is listed separately from Guria, Samona, and Abibas; perhaps this fragment was interpreted as Seven Sleepers of Ephesus? usually Aug. 2.] и [S] мтре ихь самон : [for салом or соломина]