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Translation of the Icon of Christ from Edessa to Constantinople in 944 (5 items)

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August 16 (5 items)
501 event [E] прѣнесениѥ оуброусоу га нашего їсха· ѿ ѥдеса вь црь гра·
882 event [E] стго нерѫкотворенаго ѡбра. га ншего ісха. принесенаго кь авгароу црю.
KarpAp event [E] Ст꙯омоу ꙋброусꙋ·
KarpEv event [E] Іже ѿ едеса прѣнесенӥе· стаго ѡ̇брса· [for брса; cf. Despodova et al. 1995 ѡ̇браꙁа, sic, the expected word here (‘icon’); the sequence ̇бр appears to be an emendation of two illegible letters] га ба нашего ісха:
ST event [E] стго оуброу