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Zosimas of Palestine, Confessor (5 items)

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April 4 (1 item)
Baron saint [S] In Palaestina sancti Zosimi anachoretae, qui funus sanctae Mariae Aegypticae curavit.
June 20 (4 items)
882 saint [S] [per Spasskij; also ZT-F72] ѡц꙯а ꙁосимы.
F72 saint [S] [per Spasskij; see also 882] Памѧ прѣпобнаго ѡц꙯а нш꙯его ꙁосими·
KarpAp saint [S] [Xristova-Šomova 2012: 752 gives this identification as an example of a close relationship among KarpAp, Xlud31, 882, ZT and F72; usual date 4 Apr. This fits the descriptor 'Holy Father.' Cf. Spasskij's highly doubtful identification (1901 vol. II, p. 187), for this entry in KarpAp as Zosimas, martyr at Apollonias, who was a soldier.] Ст꙯го ѡца ꙁосимы̇·
ZT saint [S] [per Spasskij; see also 882] памѧ ѡца нашего ꙁасимѫ:- [see also ꙁас- for OCS ꙁос- in the same name in 6/19 entry]